Member Benefits - The benefits of membership, whether it be as a retailer, supplier or associate member

Member benefits An Overview

The benefits of membership, whether it be as a retailer, supplier or associate member are built around our four core pillars representation, information, communication and education. (See About Us). In short, this provides our members with the following

  1. Avenue to demonstrate support of the channel (i.e. through board engagement as well as importantly supplier membership fees funding advocacy and industry initiatives)
    Networking with senior retailers
  2. Understanding of current P&C channel issues and channel context (for example but not limited to legislation concerns and advocacy area
  3. Participation at Industry events (e.g. opportunity to discuss channel issues, i.e. at the AACS annual forum; through to organised study tours and NACS and NZ linked events)
  4. Bench marking versus other suppliers and retailer recognition (i.e. annual Gala dinner includes Supplier Awards recognising best suppliers)
  5. Information on the industry in Australia and internationally (e.g. AACS annual State of Industry Report; array of presentations e.g. breakfast/lunch workshops and AC Nielson decks from forums, new research projects underway etc)
  6. Avenue for lobbying and having industry issues raised at the highest levels of government
  7. Opportunity to raise supplier issues (e.g. highlighting industry trends at the supplier round table; lunches/breakfasts and/or raising items for board consideration)


All AACS members receive the following benefits

  • The annual AACS State of Industry Report Val $2500
  • Comprehensive networking opportunities
  • Meetings with prominent Industry speakers
  • Government lobbying on issues impacting on the industry
  • International study tours
  • Access to international speakers
  • Convenience specific training
  • Access to research and presentations
  • Weekly eNewsletter
  • 10% discount on all AACS training programs


In addition to the general member benefits above, members may also receive additional benefits depending on their membership category. See below.